What is PENG?

PENG coin is an open source public blockchain platform, which means that it is open for public participation at any level and has an open source code that the PENG community maintains. This is a platform that is built on the “Unspent Transaction Output” model common to most blockchains. PENG Coin is Proof of Stake (PoS) based and has a Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) that allows for the modification of specific blockchain settings through the use of smart contracts. It is one of the more effective public blockchain platforms supporting instantaneous value transfer at zero risks.

Proof of Stake


Open Source

Private Transactions

PENG Coin Blockchain is open for Business
A smart contract platform that is business-friendly.

PENG Coin is a smart contract platform that is business friendly, catering exclusively to the need of investors in the fields of technology and information. We provide an enabling environment for smart contracts that is fully functional, standardized, stable and safe. This means that we are all about enabling smart contract coding, deploying and executing that are investor-friendly.

A smart contract which can also be termed a cryptocontract is a computer protocol or program that is created with the intention to facilitate, verify and/or enforce the digital negotiation and/or performance of a contract. A smart contract thus directly controls the transfer of digital assets between defined parties once certain conditions are met. Every country that has accepted cryptocurrency is keen to launch its own cryptocurrency to help investors trade without any hassle. China goverment has launched yuan pay group app to trade the chinese cryptocurrency. It is the sole app that can trade the chinese digital Yuan. Likewise, using PENG Coin smart contract platform thus means that you can make credible investment and business transactions without the interference and related costs of third parties.

A dependable decentralized and open source application platform

PENG Coin operates a decentralized platform, meaning that it works independently without the requirement of any validation from a third party. Because of this, the platform is effective and trustworthy because of the internal matrix established with its nodes. Any new cryptocurrency that is launched in the cryptocurrency market closely follows the pioneer Bitcoin in all aspects. Currently, the Bitcoin trade is soaring due to arrival of automated bots like crypto superstar that help the traders continuously trade. Go through the crypto superstar seite to know about the bot. The bot competes to get best possible results for the traders.

Decentralization also means that the PENG Coin platform is compatible with existing blockchain infrastructure, and is built in such a way that new technology can always be added to the platform.PENG Coin also operates an open-source currency. This means that there are no middlemen to take a cut of your spending. PENG Coin offers full transparency and opportunities for everyone in the network to contribute.

PENG Coin provides enterprise blockchain services

PENG Coin provides enterprise blockchain services for its investor clients. To do this effectively, the platform is a high-performance one which efficiently compartmentalizes different tasks; uses faster consensus protocols; executes itself in optimized environments; uses asynchronous flows; and utilizes parallelization.

It is also a highly resilient platform, able to bounce back from downtime and potential failure scenarios. The PENG Coin platform is also a private and secure one, and all members are carefully vetted before they are allowed to enter the ecosystem.


Why Use PENG Coin?

Unique Value

Decentralized open source smart contract and value transfer protocol

Global Network

PENG is developing one of the world’s biggest Proof of Stake peer to peer network. This means that it will function similarly to the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks, both of which have the biggest peer to peer networks where transactions can be done directly between peers on the network without the need of a central server.

A great opportunity for developers

PENG has an active development team with many contributors. You too can now become one of our many developers and contribute to the evolution of PENG as often or infrequently as you wish. Apply your skills to any part of the code.

Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP)

PENG Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) allows for the modification of specific blockchain settings using smart contracts. The objective behind this allowance is to enable the rapid modification of blockchain parameters without disrupting the ecosystem. This thus significantly reduces the effort it takes to manage a hard fork for these basic blockchain parameters.

Abstract Account Layer

PENG Account Abstraction Layer abstracts the concept of Accounts away from the implementation. In other words, it decouples the applications from the underlying protocol. Thus, virtual machines such as the EVM are enabled to run atop the UTXO model that powers PENG.

A multi-Wallet Ecosystem

The PENG is fully backed by a wide range of crypto wallets. This thus allows PENG holders to do business across several industries without restriction. We also offer support for all our clients, whether such clients are iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, or web users.

Global Nodes

PENG has global nodes distributed on six continents of the world, and this makes for a wider reach.

Roadmap 2019 / 2020

 Our Strategy and Project Plan

The Network is Growing
PENG Coin is growing. With continued Coin-adoption across the world, we strive to become the new global standard in charitable giving.
Fast Contactless Transactions
PENG Coin has 60 second block time speeds — one of the fastest of any cryptocurrency.
Decentralized & Open-Source Currency
No middlemen to take a cut of your spending. PENG Coin offers full transparency and opportunities for everyone in the network to contribute.

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